Kemcoal,a Joint Venture co-operated by Yan-Kuang Group Ltd.,Jining Coal Chemical Industry Company and BEFS(from France)will mainly engage in processing further anthracene oil,to produce high pruity oxydation anthraquinone,carbazole,naphthalene oil and phenanthrene oil.

Kemcoal occupies an area of 45,000m2.Its total investment is about 259,400,000RMB.Its registered capital is 131,450,000RMB.It's equipment and technologies are mainly from BEFS company(France)and CIBA company (Switzerland).Its key material resources are Anthracene oil Anthracene paste from coal tar processing.



General philosophy of Kemcoal is:

For the customers,we would supply
top quality products and service.

For investors,we are steadily willing
to increase the value of the company
through profitable growth.

For every employee,we are going to make
opportunities of professional success.


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